Young and enthusiast fashion graduate alumni of Central Saint Martins, with a Ma in Design research and experimentation and a Ba in Arts and Design in Barcelona. Thanks to my academical trajectory, I have developed a multidisciplinary conception of my professional activity, which has invited me to constantly combine different disciplines and methodologies within the creative and knowledge frames to carry out my projects.

During these years I have mostly specialized in Speculative Design and Design Fiction. My affinity with these methodologies is related to their wide approach towards conceptualization about our environment. Entering these fields allows us to open spaces for reflection and questioning established realities which can potentially lead to social transformation. I conceive design as a research technique, which can draw deep connections with other fields so as to find out more about social fabrics activity by observing it from a creative perspective.






"El arte en general ha de emocionar con la razón y ha de razonar con la emoción. Hay ideas racionales que te emocionan, y hay emociones que te dan razones para actuar. Cuando se emociona a la gente con una determinada idea, ese sentimiento dura poco; la razón es la que perdura. Es por eso que debemos mezclarlas. Éstas son nuestras herramientas."

Jesús Prieto