With the Coco Design Collective we worked with the idea of death and life traces, experimenting with the beauty of the finitude and the withered, generating living metaphors by means of perishable artifacts. These artifacts could be understood as little representations of the concept memento mori, being active reflections of the passing from life to death.

Accordingly, we define our activity inside the experimental jewellery scope, so that the resulting objects could be worn on our own bodies. Thus the user would become a conscious spectator of the decease and every other agent that surrounds it. Because it is not only the perishable matter that this project aims to focus on, but also there is an intention of observing the natural mechanisms involved in the life cycle. It Is the life cycle where countless agents actuate, an explosion of life that emerges and proliferates, feeding on biological waste.

In essence, the project is based in a process of research and experimentation in living matter applied to jewellery, with the objective of producing a collection of ephemeral jewellery pieces that draw parallels with lifetime.

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