Fiction scenario based on the scientific data collected by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) that aims to reflect the possible environmental crisis we could face in the future.


The context is developed at the end of our century in the city of Barcelona, and presents a reality where the environmental situation is so harmful for human beings that citizens can't remain outside buildings securely. Public Healthcare is not able anymore to afford the unstoppable increase of illness triggered by pollution and new epidemics, and the levels of human loss have crossed the warning boundaries. As a result, the Barcelona City Council activates the “Protocol de Supervivència”, which consists in the distribution of a complete safe wearable to each citizen that allows them to inhabit and transit the outside without any danger, investing this way in preventive health. The project presents the design of this suit and its gadgets.


The main features the suit contains are: air pollution and diseases insulation, air purification system to be able to breathe, thermal protection for extreme temperatures, waterproofing for the high risk of flooding, illumination system for the permanent SMOG and VR interface to facilitate communication and be alerted about potential dangers. Furthermore, the energy crisis this society has to face leads to the need to find new energy resources, therefore the wearable's power supply is based on the moving force of their user's blood current.


This project strives to make us wonder, reflect and ask ourselves questions, while articulates a criticism of adaptation systems instead of investing in mitigation alternatives.